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Dating coleman lantern globes, vintage Coleman and Camping Lanterns

It sports two chimneys and a mica globe. It went from Toronto to somewhere in Turkey, and eventually found its way to a seller in North Vietnam at the time of the Vietnam War. Aside from the color, it still is a single-mantle steel-founted lantern that has no differences from other colors.

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But first let's cover the different models. Stoves have them on the bottom occasionally newer stoves mostly but often you'll be able to find numbers on the inside of the tank's mounting flaps. You will see two sets of numbers, one set left and one set right of center. All other specs are identical to its forerunner, the A. Like the others, it still has fuel.

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The top of this two-mantle lantern was originally painted green. Given their rarity, despite our having three, these lanterns sell for a good deal of money today. Several images of Coleman lanterns from various points in the prior century are frosted onto the globe, including the L Arc Lantern. It is essentially a two-mantle version of the same lantern.

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Thank you Darren for all your past efforts, we hope that collectors from around the world can continue to benefit from the work you did recording globe data and images. This lantern has been used and smells like a barn.

Lantern Dating On to dating your lantern. The L of Hiram Strong Coleman's L was first made in the late s, as this one was - its add-on pump is indicative of an early model. Model was the first of many successful single-mantle lanterns for Coleman. Prior to about Coleman used a numbering system which had one number on the left, the last digit of the year, deactivate chive dating website and a number on the right which was the month.

It is unclear where the number on the lantern's original packaging comes from. It is roughly the same lantern, but it shunned the wood handle as a fire hazard. Figuring out which lantern you have is often no more difficult than reading the frame rest. As such, it is likely the most valuable A in our collection. Each of these lanterns has a unique glass globe and two mantles.

Simply, that right direction is our virtual museum. This one is undated, but was made in Hong Kong in the late s or early s, several years after the inception of this model. There are many different kinds of A lanterns that seem to have developed over the years.

Over time we will be collecting pictures of the globes to make the archive complete, and we will add new information and edits as we go. Most made after the mids have a manufacturing date stamped on them, usually on the bottom or the bottom edge of the fount tank. The final models and early As both had this same color scheme - a red ventilator top with a green-painted fount.

The obvious problem is which decade does it falls into. There is also a small slot underneath the globe rest where one could insert a match to light the lantern. Maroon A Although the A is an extremely common lantern, there are some rare editions, such as this one in a maroon hue, as opposed to a lighter red. Look on the very bottom of the fount for some numbers.

But, sometimes the numbers will mean nothing unless you know what you're looking at! This one, like the other two, was sold in Japan. Sometimes you have to look hard but they often will have a month-year mark. Excessive paint or rust may make the numbers hard to read but if you scratch the area lightly with a sharp instrument you should be able to read the numbers. On occassion you will have to identify which lantern model you have in order to understand the year mark.

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The Darren Bentz Memorial Globe Reference

It has the same metal globe as the A and dual-fuel capabilities. Since around they've been pretty easy to date. Kerosene A This large A lantern from February is a kerosene-powered, candlepower beast with a clip fastening its pump cap, as opposed to the earlier two screws.

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This, however, is not one of them. The B followed the wildly popular A, and is much rarer than its predecessor. The fount is nickel-plated brass, but models in were painted green instead. The biggest contributors to the nickel-plated brass lantern's excessive weight were its two-quart fuel capacity and enormous glass globe.

Thus, the fount is a lower-grade steel, which would become normal for Coleman lanterns in the ensuing decades. Its green base differentiates it from normal s, and it is equipped with a matching lid reflector acquired directly from a Coleman factory representative. This lantern's most unique feature is its holed metal globe, which provides a unique, though slightly more dangerous source of light.

Equipped with an internal pump and mica globe, this two-mantle lantern sold for fourteen years over the course of the Great Depression. This lantern is Instant-Lite and was presumably once painted red, and seems most comparable to a B, although its top is wider. Despite the setbacks, the lantern sold well - after all, a candlepower portable lighting machine was enticing for many workers of the time. The timeline is a catch all for the newer globes. This is my notation of what globes I have in my collection.

Coleman Lantern Globe Reference

To figure this out you'll need that number on the left and a model number. The chimney was crafted of lighter-weight mica and the fount and top were still plated with nickel. The pump system was changed - an air tube was threaded from the base of the pump to the top of the fount so gas would not leak out in case of check valve failure. It includes all of its original materials, sans packaging, and appears to have never been lit.