Dating a post op transsexual woman

Dating a post op transsexual woman

The most important caveat to success in dating women lesbian women is that you possess almost no residual male edge when it comes to love and communication. You are now figuring yourself that preferences matters. You no longer compete or operate in the traditional crowd of trans-women. Which it consists in reconstructing a neo-vagina with the tissues of her male genitalia.

Sexual curiosity is also a

Especially when it comes to dating matters and love affairs. Some of these men have told me that they find it to be extraordinary that I used to have a penis and now have a functional vagina.

They said that a post-op still has the best of both worlds. That means they still have their male genitalia, but planning to get rid of it. What follows is based on a limited sampling of fewer than a hundred guys. That's very important to me.

First of all

To find out that men are still interested in me is a great relief. And their interest appears to go well beyond just the fact that a post-op transsexual now has a pussy. But a girl needs to be sure any man interested in her knows what she is. Hanging around this crowd is usually unhealthy at almost every level.

This situation is improving as trans issues become more mainstream - but its far from a level playing field. That can hurt - since these same guys were often the most accepting, attentive, and caring partners they encountered encounter.

Some of the healthiest

Sexual curiosity is also a factor. Some of the healthiest and happiest lesbian unions I witnessed with post-op trans-women was a trans-trans connection. Some men, and the majority of pre-ops with whom I have spoken, have told me that once my penis is gone, I would be competing with genetic women. First of all, not to tell him is very unfair.

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