Dating a famous person reddit nba

Dating a famous person reddit nba

The genuine nature of Curry is one of the many factors that caused fans to lead him past LeBron James in jersey sales. Stockton benefited from being a man of the people in more ways than one. However, he had a beautiful wedding to Kendra over the summer, and they seem to be truly happy together. Michael Jordan via thesportsfanjournal. All of the stories about Jordan as a human being make him seem like the G.

Thomas also became a strong part of the community. On the other hand, his girlfriend is hot as hell, and constantly posts revealing photos on her Instagram, xocelina, where she has well over followers. Old footage of the Olympics showed Stockton being the one basketball star from the Dream Team to walk around without being detected. Stephen Curry via golfchannel. As great as a basketball star Jordan was, he was an equally big jerk in real life.

Old footage of the OlympicsStephen Curry via golfchannel

Duncan is a strong proponent in philanthropy as The Tim Duncan Foundation has raised a lot of money for various worthy causes through the years. Fans witnessed his adorable daughter Riley Curry come to the podium with him at playoff games. Multiple Chicago Bulls teammates refused to speak a word to Rodman off the court due to how much of a pain he was to deal with. Despite being one of the most talented athletes on the plant, Steph find a way to make fans relate to him by being a good dude. Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma.

Jordan is arguably the biggest sports brand name of all time yet he is extremely cheap with his money. The charitable actions of Tim off the court also showed the kind of person he is. Rodman just got worse through the years and is close friends with North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un. He has that big unibrow and birdlike features, and is generally just not pleasant to observe. During his time running the Washington Wizards, Jordan insulted a teenage Kwame Brown daily in practice until it completely broke his confidence.

Despite being more talented than the majority of his peers, Duncan never tried to own them with the trash talk. Following retirement, Stockton became an assistant coach for eight different youth teams at the same time.

There are also the multiple arrests of Rodman throughout his adult life ranging from hit and runs to domestic abuse. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the Greek Freak, and the man with the name nobody is confident in pronouncing.

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Jordan often bullied and humiliated teammates in practice for his own amusement. Given how much of a jerk Karl Malone was, Stockton being such a good dude endeared him to his teammates for the entirety of his career. Many stories have revealed Jordan hates tipping and believes the homeless should never be given any money.

The Washington Wizards allowed Arenas to become the face of the franchise. Cleveland is not only getting a great scorer but a great human with Thomas joining the organization. Thomas and his wife hosted a holiday event for the families who lost their homes in a massive Cambridge fire earlier this year.

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Opponents would get confused and thrown off by Duncan being kind and respectful to them on the court. Dikembe Mutombo via sportsonearth. Dennis Rodman via deadline.

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No one out there has a bad word to say about Stockton as a human being. Everyone loved playing with the unselfish Stockton and rivals respected his tenacity. You had to respect the heart and passion Garnett had for the game of basketball.

There are also the multiple arrests