Christian friendships and dating

Christian friendships and dating

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If you are thinking about taking the risk and making a move on your Christian friend, ask your other friends what they think first. However, I am against close friendships for guys and girls who are in a relationship or are married to someone else.

If you share your feelings for your friend and he or she does not feel the same way, things will probably be weird. Guy and girl friendships are not built to last and are usually very seasonal and short-term. And once one of you gets married, your friendship should change even more.

You should try to date your good Christian friend when you are ready to accept that it will change your friendship in an irreversible way. Wanting to date your Christian friend can cause all kinds of confusion and doubts about what to do. Guy and girl friendships are not built to last.

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When it comes to relationships, I believe it is much more natural to progress in a relationship rather than go back to the way things once were. My only advice would be that you make sure the two of you actually come back to this conversation rather than pretending like it never happened. My point is that once you cross that friendship-line and then try to go back to the way things were before you crossed that line, it really is never the same. You should consider dating your Christian friend because all guy and girl friendships eventually change anyways. When I shared my feelings for my wife and asked her to be my girlfriend, I made sure she knew she could have time to think and pray about it.

This can present unhealthy risks and temptations. Sometimes the best options for dating and marriage are right under your nose. Sometimes people complain about there not being many good options for Christian dating. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow.

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Once you enter into a romantic relationship or even express romantic interest in a friend, the friendship will not be the same. Friendship and enjoying someone socially is really important if you want a healthy Christian marriage one day. Let him or her know that they have plenty of time to think and pray about this. Not only will your dating relationship change your friendship, it is also true that any dating relationship one of you gets involved with will change your friendship.

But rest assured you two were not going to be great friends for too long anyways. You should try to date your Christian friend when you truly like this person as more than a friend and your feelings are not going away. You should try to date your friend if you believe he or she will be a godly spouse and not just an enjoyable companion. But you should be even extra cautious if you already have a good friendship with someone because dating will change the friendship forever.

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Truly weigh through the pros and cons of trying to date this person. Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.

Guy and girl friendships are not built to last so it really might be worth the risk to pursue a dating relationship with your Christian friend. This reality of relationships between males and females, however, is just something you have to accept.

Entering into a Christian dating relationship with a friend is a good idea because friendship is a great foundation for a Christian marriage. Perhaps you are just missing something. In those cases the other person might be able to give you their answer right away. On what hand it is exciting to think about dating a great friend.

But on the other hand it can be frightening because you might ruin the friendship. We were talking on the phone a lot and emailing each other a lot we lived in different states and it was obvious our connection was no longer matching our commitment level. But eventually remaining friends will have diminishing returns and it would be better to move on together or take a step back from one another. One huge relationship principle I believe is biblical is that your commitment and intimacy level should always correlate. So prepare yourself if your friend is taken off guard.

So it can seem like too big a risk to try and start dating a Christian guy or girl that you truly value as a friend. If you share your feelings for a Christian friend, give this person time before expecting them to answer about dating you. One of you is probably going to start dating and get married soon and your friendship would be pretty much over at that point anyway. However, I do think it would be wise to seriously listen to those who can see the situation from an objective view point. You are not dating each other but you are so close to one another you are probably scaring off any other potential suitors.