Monster Hunter World Patch Fixes Squad Issues and Matchmaking

Chaos squad matchmaking issues

We are aware of matchmaking and squad join issues currently affecting the Battlefield V Open Beta Early Access and our teams are working to resolve this as soon as possible. By Shabana Arif Monster Hunter World has had some matchmaking issues on Xbox One since launch, which the developers promised to look into after complaints were raised. Each successful mission will add to this total, increasing the difficulty of Night Defense, but allowing for more potential rewards if the match is successful. Given that it is just a beta, matchmaking and performance issues are likely to pop up. If you are also experiencing issues with the open beta then check out the known issues for the open beta along with tips on how to avoid them.

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Battlefield V is also one of the first wave of games that will support real-time ray tracing. Share Copy Battlefield V open beta is available for those who are eligible for early access.

One reward will be granted for each threshold met. Three new event quests have also gone live.

Convoy Ambush - Destroy the Fizzco convoy before it reaches the radio tower. Thank you for your patience. Chaos Squad Rewards Screen.

By Shabana Arif Monster HunterWe are aware of matchmaking and