Cb linear hook up

Cb linear hook up

Turn on the amplifier

To tune the antenna, hook it up without the linear in line. If you have to have a meter stuck in there.

Just make sure the linear is made for sideband use when you buy it and it will have a built in delay. Do mount it away from any electronics or wires leading to electronics. Proper install procedure requires that you finish up each install by double checking your work and testing the system. Then hook up the jumper coaxial cable that comes with the amp to the output on the amp. Also when you hang the mike, make sure the mike wire isn't swinging back and forth because bending it back and forth will shorten it's life too.

To test for proper

In a home, you can set it up on a table next to the unit. Do not use a meter that is meant only for testing antennas hooked up to standard transceivers. Turn on the amplifier if it is not set up to turn on automatically when you power on your transmitter.

Do not wrap extra coax in a small coil, make one or two loops. If you pump w from one into the other, you will, as the others said, blow them up. Antenna Coax Just a reminder to always plan and run your coax before you drill for mounting the antenna s See Antennas. Use larger wire if your linear is over watts.

Do not wrap

Being functional in finances, home projects and computers has allowed Gardapee to give her readers valuable information. Place the linear amp in a position close to the unit.

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If the volts drop way down use bigger wire. Some meters or goodies are worse then others.

Keep it close enough that the mike wire isn't stretched to much when you're blabin because stretching breaks the wires. And its not just No-Code Techs that don't know their elbow from an ohm, I have met my share of ignorant Extras too.

The linear amps help the output of the transmission. Where ever the radio fits is fine. If you mount the radio where the heater blows on it, it will overheat the radio inside and shorten it's life. Always plan and run your power supply wire before you drill and mount the radio. Tip If you get caught using a linear amp, you can be fined.

If you leave the meters or any other goodies in line between the radio and the linear or the linear and the antenna you will lose power because it will detune your system. To test for proper power hook a volt meter up right next to the linear and key it up.

Hook up the standing wave ratio meter to the linear amp as per the directions on the meter. Radios come with a fuse at the radio end but that doesn't protect the wire itself. As you know bending a wire back and forth will break it. This can only damage your radio.

In a home

Turn off your transmitter and linear amplifier and unplug your antenna from your linear transmitter. Warning Never intentionally use a linear amp kicker to bleed over on someone else, or you will have problems. Follow the same power and antenna requirements as linears shown below Linear Amplifiers Again, don't mount your linear close to the heater or it will cook. That being said, its not as simple as hooking two W foot warmers together to get W.

Do not use a

With each new installer this Rule has been broken which usually costs Truckcity a lot of money. Make sure there is enough room behind the radio to hook up the wires and don't make it so close the wires are rubbing and bending back and forth from vibration. In most cases, it will stay the same, but if it changes, you will have to correct the problem. Do mount it where it can get enough air circulation to cool.