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Click Edit and select Copy. This should bring all of the information into CardScan. Click on the email icon or select Card Send Mail To. Place your PalmPilot in its cradle, and HotSync.

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Open the CardScan program. Open CardScan and the other application, and size the windows to see both simultaneously.

Drag the contact on to the CardScan window and release the mouse button. Click the Select button under Lotus Notes Database. Then, you will be able to select this application from the list the next time you use the CardScan Import feature. Search for and double click on the file named Blank. Paste the business card image to another application.

Install a Software Application using Compatibility Mode. Right click the database file and choose properties. If the information does not appear in columns, you may need to click Tab under Delimit by. Thank you very much fopr your help. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity.

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Choose Yes when CardScan asks if you want to overwrite the original file. Select the contact with the missing business card from your database. How can CardScan help me connect my new contacts with my social network sites?

At the scanner setup dialog, click the Calibrate button. Click the drop-down menu and select Use templates in file system. Click the Categories tab to display all categories. In this window, open Tools, select Forms and choose Publish Forms.

Click on the Contacts tab. Choose the Contact List, click Next. Click on File - Import - Text. Drag and drop or copy and paste all the cards from the current file to the new file.

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Select your scanner in the Source list and click the Setup button. Click Browse to select the CardScan file for synchronization. Select the contact that contains the business card you wish to copy. Videos CardScan Overview Video. In List View, use the mouse to select more than one name from the list.

The sample is written in Visual Basic. There is a full version that includes everything you need to build a stand-alone application, and an abridged version that relies on the end-user to install CardScan separately. Use Windows Search to locate any CardScan database file stored locally or on a network share.

Close the original file and save the new file under the original name. How do I copy a business card image from CardScan and paste it to another application? Drag the contact to the other application and release the mouse button.

How do I clear all the contact data in the Palm organizer handheld address book? Create a new CardScan file. In the CardScan Synchronization window, click Configure. There are scroll bars at the bottom of the window that will allow you to move to the left or right if necessary.

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Choose a location to save your exported file. Contacts will sync automatically. If you are happy with the scanned image, click Next until you are on the Finished screen. Copy image from CardScan to Windows Clipboard.

To work around this problem, you must either connect the scanner directly to the network, or use a program that turns the client-attached scanner into a network device. The Import Wizard will appear. Select the file and click Open. An Untitled - Contact will open. You are using a version of Internet Explorer which Google Groups no longer supports.

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Browse to the location of the CardScan database file in question. Your entries in CardScan will have been deleted. CardScan is not capable of synchronizing directly with an iPad. Open the CardScan software. Otherwise, urdu masihi geet mp3 you must purchase a CardScan software license for each end-user.

Choose a comma for the separator, and quotation marks as the delimiter, click Next. Choose File Data Exchange Export. Start Intellisync for CardScan and open the Configure screen.