Candice accola and steven mcqueen dating

Candice accola and steven mcqueen dating

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Richard's wife, Carol goes to the station to rescue the sheriff but they are unable to save Richard. At one point, Damon finds the tomb under the church, and has Bonnie and her grandmother help open it to find Katherine. The actors are pretty good too.

Both are put in their Aunt Jenna's custody. Caroline is severely injured in the crash.

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Jo's family of witches was able to transfer the babies to Caroline, however, so she gives birth to their twins, and Caroline and Alaric move to Dallas together. The tomb vampires are led by a female vampire named Pearl and her daughter Anna. His uncle Mason was also a werewolf, who was killed by Damon in season two.

The tomb vampires are led by

Anna also starts a relationship with Jeremy. Jeremy witnesses this and Elena asks Damon to make Jeremy forget this to spare him the pain. This show is definitely worth watching and even holds its own among all the other vamp shows and flicks out there.

This show is plenty scary and is a bit mature in theme. John kills Anna and burns many of the tomb vampires alive in the basement of an old building. Bonnie's grand mother dies and Bonnie begins to resent vampires.

Jeremy has become a loner and Elena starts dating a boy named Stefan Salvatore. Though his love for Elena is initially one-sided, she begins to develop feelings for him as they work together to save Stefan after he's given in to his Ripper side. She married Stefan before his death. They remain good friends even after breaking up during the second season.

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This first season pretty much centers on their relationship while friends circle the periphery coming into their own with time. She is turned into a vampire by Damon and is killed by Stefan shortly after. Bonnie has lost and regained her ability to do magic multiple times throughout the show. It turns out they are also working for Katherine, and are using Mayor Lockwood and the others as pawns, although Isobel tells Elena their unofficial goal is to protect her. She gets help from her grandmother to use her powers.

Katherine was presumably trapped in a tomb beneath the church and Damon is planning on releasing her. At first I wasn't happy with the show version of Elena since the book portrayed her differently. Elena's friends and acquaintances also become involved such as Tyler Lockwood, son of the mayor, and Matt Donovan, Elena's ex-boyfriend and Caroline Forbes, daughter of the sheriff.

Matt on the other hand is devastated. John is working for the Council. Eventually, he returns to his good-hearted and caring self and reconciles with Elena, but the relationship doesn't last long. Both brothers protect Elena as they face various villains and threats to their town, including Katherine.

The characters and plots are not one-sided but are multidimensional which makes for some great entertainment. It is rather exciting and not over the top graphic gore. The Council is led by Tyler's abusive father, Richard Lockwood.

After the history teacher is killed, a man named Alaric is hired to take his place. He was turned into the first successful hybrid by Klaus. As far as I can tell, no one does any time traveling here. Stefan realizes that, despite everything Damon has done, he does love his brother. Tyler's father dies along with them.

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