Every important Modern Family relationship ranked from worst to best

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Gloria gives an unnerving smile andCut to the Dunphy house

Gloria occasionally falls into this territory and is revealed to be much tougher than she initially appears. Cut to the Dunphy house, where Jay is trying to show Claire his new and improved balance, that is, until Phil bursts through the door and knocks him over. He says he wants to wait for the perfect moment so they can start their relationship right. We've hung some art in her room, some Asian art. Andy lifts Haley up and holds her in his arms and looks deep into her eyes as he recites how much he loves his girlfriend.

Gloria occasionally falls into this territoryWe've hung some art

Every important Modern Family relationship ranked from worst to best

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When Andy goes to break things off with Beth, she tells him that she has been cheating on him with two other guys for the past few months. They almost kiss on the couch before they hear other intruders and hide. Although she doesn't do this with Alex as Alex is smarter than her family and knows what not to do. Here he is, stumbling to explain himself. Haley is portrayed as somewhat slow and ditzy, often needing to take some time to get jokes.

Alex confronts Haley about her feelings for Andy, which Haley denies. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. While on the phone with Claire, Mitchell upsets Cam. The Old Wagon Phil reluctantly agrees to get rid of the Dunphy station wagon, which prompts a wave of nostalgia for the old car. They are spectacularly ill-suited to the occasion.

Andy and Beth break up, leaving Andy free to officially start dating Haley. She hugs him tightly without a word. Andy knocks on the door and enters the room as Haley wipes her eyes. Gloria states that, in Colombia, it is considered very bad luck for your house to burn down.

Claire and Phil eloped afterwards and told everyone that the pregnancy was a surprise. Phil keeps reminding Jay of the time he asked him to fix his computer printer in later episodes. Alex finds the whole thing hilarious because Andy is not Haley's usual type. By the time she gets to the beach Andy likes and after Claire tells her to take a moment to consider if she's sure about what she's about to do, it's too late.

Check out her reactions to her daddies particularly Cam. As attractive as Gloria is, her singing and shouting voices are rather grating. Later, she tells Andy that she isn't looking for anything serious so Andy decides against telling her how he really feels. The third season opener was a dude ranch episode.

He terrifies a bystander threatening Mitchell once while dressed like a clown. Gloria gives an unnerving smile and says she's going to write down all the things she's going to scream at Jay after she gives birth. And both have at least some of the same interests as their characters. The episode featuring it has the rest of the cast reading from it at the end of the episode, then looking up in utter bafflement as to what they just read. Unbeknownst to Haley, Andy pulls away in a taxi that he was waiting in right outside the house.

Andy lifts HaleyHe terrifies a