Mercedes-Benz C-Class Price in Bangalore

Benz c class price in bangalore dating

The seats are large units with memory, electric adjust and electrically adjustable side bolsters to suit individual sizes. The major update however, has been made to the powertrains of the C-Class range.

The suspension of the CClassThe CClass comes with potent powertrain

But the suspension offers a great balance between ride comfort and handling. Everything here feels upmarket with the use of brushed aluminum, expensive switch gear and upmarket leather. Petrol sounds lively at higher revs. The company has launched the Cd which is the most powerful diesel engine there is in the segment.

The chassis and suspension offers a very stable high speed ride. The dual tone dashboard has a clear demarcation between the black top section that has a clear demarcation from the beige lower section. The suspension of the C-Class dismisses road imperfections well, although is a wee bit stiff for our poor road conditions, this also gives the car good high speed stability. The C-Class comes with potent powertrain that offers good drive dynamics in various modes to suit different driving styles. The instrument binnacle is located in a deep hooded recess and the large gripped steering wheel comes with a host of controls.

Large front seats are very comfortable and offer good adjustability, rear seat could offer more under thigh support. It deals with road imperfections with aplomb. It's only sharp bumps that seep through. As of now, the updated C-Class will only be offered in diesel option, available in three variants - C d Prime.

The dual tone dashboard has a

The centre console gets a brown wood section flowing down from the air vents under the large infotainment screen to the centre arm rests. Mercedes has really upped the game for the S-Class when it comes to the interiors of the car with this model.

The chassis and suspension

We are confident that these enhancements will add a dash of athleticism and uniqueness to one of the most popular models in Mercedes-Benz's rich product portfolio. The rear seat offers good amount of space as well, with the only issue being that the seat squab could have been longer to offer better under thigh support.

Comes well equipped and offers good cabin space. The Cd gets the two slat chrome grille, similar to what we've seen on the Ed.