Battlefield 2 Special Forces Expansion Pack

Hence, an Assault soldier can become a Medic if they come across a fallen Medic. Those new black uniforms work well for blending into the night. Players are able to choose a class at the start of a match, or between dying and respawn. This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association.

Battlefield 2 Special Forces Q&A - Initial Details

Desert Combat Project Reality. So will you be able to, say, take Map A and then select which armies battle on it? Too bad it is not open source regards, Achtung Ecco.

As players ascend through the ranks they will gain the ability to unlock certain weapons. Although the commander does not gain points by normal methods kills, flag captures, etc. New posts Trending Search forums. These files can be downloaded from a server which supports BattleRecorder directly after their respective game.

Control points represent key points on the map, and are represented by flags. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Because as it is right now, there are only eight new maps, but six new armies, and that doesn't leave a lot of variety for each army. What kind of roles are they expected to fill in the game?

Battlefield 2 Special Forces expansion pack

That does not mean that we forgot about our vehicle heritage. Special Forces began several months ago.

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Special Forces expansion pack. But then there's night vision, which can cut through the dark. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a commando on a zip line! This article needs additional citations for verification.

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They can deploy them to assist their team. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Each class of soldier is equipped with different weaponry appropriate to their role in the battle.

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Battlefield 2 Special Forces expansion pack

Results from Cooperative mode do not count toward global player statistics. There is no given reason as to how or why the war broke out, though one likely theory is for control of oil reserves. Could you go ahead and give us a quick rundown of what's new in the expansion, for those who haven't been keeping track?

Battlefield 2

Even menu systems etc are scripted in it. Could be quite interesting. Operation Midnight Sun features the Chinese landing at the Alaskan port Valdez where they are trying to secure much needed fuel from the pipeline. Open sourcing the engine would be pretty revolutionary in terms of big name games. New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

Their intelligence was impeccable, allowing them to coordinate their assault with only a skeleton crew of U. Would you like to address that? And I seriously doubt Battlefield would stayed so widely popular for so long without the Desert Combat mod or on a smaller scale Forgotten Hope. Problems playing this file? This is a common misconception that we'd love to address.

Are the new maps finalized, or nearly finalized by now? The single-player aspect features missions that involve clashes between U.

Special Forces is expected to ship this winter. Within the infantry class, there are four support classes with special abilities. As I mentioned earlier, the focus for Special Forces is the infantry game. Beyond that we aren't ready to go into detail about how the stats system will be impacted by the expansion.

The expansion offers more awards in the form of badges, ribbons, and medals that players can earn. Unfortunately, this will not be an option in the expansion pack. Our focus for this expansion pack is on the infantry game, so the end result is that a lot of the levels feel much closer to something like Maashtur or Karkand as opposed to Kubra Dam. We're not ready to discuss the unlock strategy for the expansion pack at this time.

Battlefield 2 Special Forces expansion pack

Question Whats my fps on battlefieldd? Players fight in a modern battlefield, using modern weapon systems. Question Why my battlefield v game runs not softly? Will they remain the same, genuine or will they be modified to take account of all the new Special Forces factions in the expansion?

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Players can earn awards ribbons, badges, and medals for certain in-game accomplishments. Marines, China and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition. Part of the attraction of a mod over an official expansion is the continual development. This article has multiple issues.

The availability and number of certain vehicles are dependent on the map and its size as well as control points captured. Not exactly the same thing. We saw a couple of new wheeled transports, and we've heard the Apache attack helicopter is in.

If I want a dense forrestt with a few twisty trails I should be able to make it in under four hours with no previous experience or it is pure shitte. Having made this discovery, the U. By playing the game on ranked servers, players are able to add to their global player statistics. Care to share any crazy stories from testing the expansion with us? Seeing the zip line and grappling hook come together as a gameplay element has made for some memorable moments.