Second Base Update – What Happened After Bar Rescue

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Although it is a bikini bar Jon notes that they are all dressed differently, there is no basis of a uniform. Customers notice the smell and the bar tenders have not paid any attention to their training. When Lisamarie told Terry to put on some overalls and help, he was a disrespectable douche to her, and then he lashed out at Jon. Gary was no longer as enthusiastic unlike before, and some of the old bartenders were replaced with new blood.

Second Base Update - What Happened After Bar Rescue - Gazette Review

Jon will give Terry one chance to own up for his sins and then, and only then, will Jon re-rescue this bar. Terry appears to suggest he has come back on the show for a cash injection from Taffer. Terry told Jon that Gary just about gave up on the operation, and pointed out the staff that was there when he did the original rescue.

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This is the second time Jon Taffer has walked out on a bar, with the other bar being O'Face. The bar was has gone back downhill with the owner not putting any money back into the bar and they have stopped serving their Bar Rescue food and drinks.

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They speak to Gary who tells them that Terry is giving away all of his alcohol. Jon is furious and storms into the bar after Terry appears to taunt him on camera. He told them that Terry did not deserve their loyalty and promised he would try to find them jobs elsewhere. As Gary came to talk with Joe, the things he told him were all refuted by Terry. The rookie and veteran war continues and there is no team work, meanwhile Gary has shined as a manager.

So Jon walked out without making any changes. So Jon sent Sarah and Joe inside to order all the drink items and food items they initiated and see what the result was. He wants to create a sports bar, with the sexuality that men will enjoy but that won't drive away women. During the stress test, the drinks were coming too slowly and too strong and Terry did nothing to help his crew.

Terry isn't happy at Jons request for him to stay sober but knows that he needs Jons help. As Jon questioned Gary, he slapped a light that was full of dust. During the training, Terry seemed engaged in the place, so Jon may re-rescue the place. The Second Rescue Since the first rescue, Terry had used the profits to pay off debts rather than investing in the bar, it has once again fallen into disrepair.

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The staff are introduced to new bar, now called Second Base. Jon told them the only saving grace they had was his reputation is on the line for the bar.