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You are not setting it correctly if you are doing it from the radio the input has to be saved seperately so you program the output and then the input with the pl to the same mem. You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your name here. Those not checked will not be displayed and not become accessible on the radio. Wiki Start page Index by title Index by date Advertisements.

It will not transmit on gmrs. You can find a complete test report of the current build here and a matrix of supported models and features here. Thank you so much for this write up!

In chirp you can set to receive only. Overall, a very helpful tutorial, with good follow on links. Most modern distributions should have almost everything required to run chirp. Click here for email info.

They are some of the most affordable amateur radios on the market. You can explain me how to make a copy of the existing config step by step? It makes sense that your handheld radio should be able to take the place of multiple radios. Your tutorial was just what we needed to help us program it for marine use.

How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software

These attributes have made Baofeng a household name in the ham community. However, video converter avi to mpeg programming a Baofeng radio from a computer isn't all that intuitive and can become messy even for the most experienced ham who is not used to Chinese-made radios.

How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software

Also see the Running on Linux page for additional steps required to gain access to your serial port. Yes this changes in a shtf situation and forget about the fcc in that case. Failure to do so may only bring more frustration when things don't work. Want to add all the channels you need quickly and easily?

Click here to download the latest Windows version. Plug the other end of the cable into your radio and turn it on. You should always be on the latest build available. But what warrents an emergency in your mine may not in the eyes of the law. Choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

As an authorized Baofeng Dealer, we want installation to be as easy and painless as possible so you can enjoy your radios for many years to come. These radios are compact, easy to use, versatile and, best of all, extremely inexpensive. Choose the appropriate folder for your operating system. Any help would be appreciated. Any help would be much appreciated.

Baofeng handheld two way radios are well known among amateur radio operators everywhere. Make sure you use the usb port when answering the question in chip software. Run the programming software, select the following option.

Click Properties on the pop-up menu. The correct driver should install and the yellow notification should disappear from the Device Manager. Any suggestions or help would be so appreciated.

Comes up after a brief attempt to download from Radio. That is quite a list of frequencies. So you may try the other models Boafeng has.

The hole is getting deeper and deeper. To start, the computer should be on and the radio should be off. Suppose this new Radio could have the same problem.

If you forget it, there will be no way to retrieve it. John, from what you describe, it sounds like you are attempting to upload the frequencies by switching to the other radio after downloading it from the first one. Choose Connectivity Choose Radiod d ity. If you followed the installation instructions and are still having trouble, there is now another solution available.

Want to add to the discussion

Want to add to the discussion

They told me I had to buy a new cable and this got my old black cable working for both. Try a new version of Chirp. Please disable your ad-blocker!

The person you are talking to can only hear your voice by setting the same encryption password as you, avoiding other people hearing your call. Fortunately, there are other options available, and once properly installed, they are actually quite good. Went to get info from Radio. Once this step has been completed, it should list any channels that you have already programmed into memory. Any ideas or suggest will be awesome.

To correct the issue, right-click on the device and choose Update Driver Software on the pop-up menu. Exchanged it for one known to work. Thank you so much for this article.

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Click the Power Managemen t tab. If you need further assistance email me. Don't know why I'm even messing with it. It's happening on both radios. What setting should I be alright using?

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This may occur if Windows Power Management is enabled on the device. Just install the new one and it will replace the existing copy! Thank you for posting this step by step guide. Is a Kelly Kettle or Solo Stove right for you?

This is the correct driver. Enter your e-mail Address Submit. Get all the latest information on events, sales and offers. There is absolutely no response from the Radio. The radio is now ready to program through your computer.

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