Being a Single Mother and Dating Too

Balancing motherhood and dating

Being present is important

Eric also frequently tells me he prays for me and we talk about prayer requests with each other. This is how I have felt since becoming a parent while having a marriage. Either one of us can say we are too tired, or would like to do it later if needed.

At work, you may have been out of the work force for a while while you were married or you were only partially employed, juggling full time mommy duties with part time work. Being present is important, I think.

Being a Single Mother and Dating Too

The time spent with both parties is valuable so make it worth their while and yours. Because we all know that the reality is that weekends tend to be even busier than weekdays with social, family, and house commitments. Despite our best efforts and planning, we were back to the drawing board of where to start to find the balance we needed in our marriage as parents. As parents, we could feel guilty any minute of any day, for any reason. Or make an effort regularly.

By submitting above, you agree to. And with all of the distractions throughout the day we do what we can to be us. This helps our marriage and week run more efficiently. We are getting closer to being parents of two for a year and in some ways, we are coming out from the haze that goes with having a new baby. Then Hubby and I have a heart to heart to refocus and slowly we become us again.

At work you may have been

Then focus all month on this one thing. Then baby arrives and your life and relationship change and slowly you start to understand why everyone had so much to say about making time for each other. As you work to improve this one area, you will slowly see bigger changes happening in your marriage. Being a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, and a mom and doing it all well can seem like a full time job sometimes in and of itself.

We are trying to be more

So My Challenge Is This Spend the next month trying to improve your balance of marriage and motherhood. And forget about going out on a date. My marriage is work just like yours.

But we need to make sure we are nurturing our marriage as well. We are trying to be more intentional about memorizing Scripture and this is so helpful to encourage each other as well as to bring us back to our roots of why our marriage is important to us.

But we need