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There was a look in this last episode that if they used that one it meant a whole different thing about how people are looking at Danny and what the Tanglewood boys mean to Danny. When you see someone that's really into what they're doing and have that kind of determination and focus, that's sexy. That's why I like Mac so much in the episode, because there was a softer side to it. If people really enjoy it, maybe we'll be able to go in that direction more so than not. Nobody knows what's right or what's the best until you see the different various ways it can be done.

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If people really enjoy it maybe

But I think you know we have that kind of dynamic and that's yet to be delved into to another level. It's just if you let yourself be there and react and see what's in front of you, you're going to react. Some of his popular movie and T.

If the line says Danny picks up something and puts it in his pocket, if I felt I'd just pick it up and keep it in my hand, I'll just keep it in my hand. If we can have that, it's great, and I don't think they should be afraid to play that. For me, when you're doing the scene, what happens happens, knowing that you have these things you do specifically want to do, but what happens is just going to happen.

And that's the only way I look at it. It's not really that grand of a scheme.

And I had no idea how we were gonna follow it up, but then we were trying to find a way to link the science into Tanglewood and this was the idea he came up with, with the cigarette butt. If they do, that's fine, too. His hair is light brown while his eyes are hazel-colored. So it's more about what feels natural and right to you, as opposed to not liking the material you're getting. He is a hardworking person and has made respectable position in the different entertainment field.

It's really about keeping that interest and that drive to do what I'm doing, as long as that's there, then I'm going to keep going. All that matters is that it's happening for the right reason and that we're all trying to figure out the best way that this can work out.

Here I think they actually do hear it out. Like I said, kind of being rusty doing those kinds of scenes, it wasn't easy at all.

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And again, that is simply being in the fucking scene and letting yourself be in it because you can just look at somebody and just the way they say a word to you, you can look at them funny. We heard the ratings were very high for the episode. No, we don't know, but I'm pretty sure he's alive, so it gives us an open possibility to do something with him, which I hope they do. Later on, she starred in a guest role in different films and T.

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If I'm not supposed to say anything in the scene, I don't say anything. It's very thin, it's very delicate. He was raised up with his parents in a sporty and entertaining environment.