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Abuzar takes at students Home and Regular Classes- at his Home. As per our knowledge there is only limited pharmacy software in Oracle Java based application.

The monetary amount of this benefit can be huge for trading businesses and for manufacturing businesses with a fast moving raw materials inventory. Apply customer associated quotation. To view customer top selling items. Inventory control means knowing how much inventory you have and how much you need to buy at any given time.

Clinics and hospitals in resource constrained countries can find this software as an alternative to other expensive commercial software. During the week users are given hands on training in using sales and purchase module. Our system is being used at more than locations across Pakistan. The sales module has the ability to handle the sales tax department requirements regarding the sales tax percentage and invoice format.

Online video chat via skype, google hangout etc. Our in build system help doctors choose Medeil plus is the one that best fits for their practice. The master is where you will manage your entire repository about merchandising, distributor, hospital, doctor and employee information centrally to handle pharmacy operations more efficiently.

With reference of our discussion here is a short briefing of our Software Product relating to Hospital Management system. Show refused sale entry form.

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Sampathkumar Karnataka, India. Upon completion, you can view detailed reports about your connection. The features demanded by users in previous weeks are delivered and new requirements are also gathered. This project includes the posps specification, implementation testing tools and a server reference implementation. This helps you analyze your operation in just one click.

To open previous save invoices. We have worked with companies in the manufacturing as well as trading sectors. Host on your own infrastructure or use ours. Many of our clients are industry leaders or among top five in Pakistan in their respective segments. Invoice Based Modules and Reports.

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This software caters the needs for pharma retailing activities. To view customer transaction summary. We will also call you throughout the year to ensure that your operation is efficiently maximized. Please enter a pincode or area name. The customerized solution of Medeil is built up on industry best practices to address individual retailers needs.

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Pay as you go pricing model! It also helps in generating purchase orders for suppliers. The module improves inventory and purchasing process, trails accountability and eliminates duplication of entries. Some styles failed to load.

Medeil Plus allows integrating their pharmacies and laboratories by Medeil, and Medeil Lab software group products. In the first week the basic data related to items, customers, suppliers and chart of Accounts are fed into the software. Thank you it is working great.

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FarhanSiddiqui Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Please don't fill out this field. But PhishBlock detects and blocks harmful files at the network entrance of personal computers. By following its workflow it can be guaranteed that suppliers are only paid their bills once the quantity received from them has been accurately entered into the computer.

Please tell us about the problem and we will fix it. Medeil has a rich user interface and robust application which makes it a unique opportunity for small and medium retailers. Male Female Please select your gender.

Based on this information the software can calculate daily average quantity that needs to be present for sales. Our solutions are addressing the following areas requirements.

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All the work was realized as an open-source project using only open-source development software. At some points software also needs to be modified to accommodate their peculiar business problems. To view item information during sale.

St Josephs Hospitals Sri Lanka. The software can print a report that analyzes the sales and returns of all the items during the base period. We have learned a lot during all these years about what our different segments of customers need, what they want, and what they are thrilled by. To see item sales history in sale and purchase.

Please enter your full name. Application in Python for simple, paperless use of faxes. Languages Spoken Hindi English. Do you have a GitHub project?

Abuzar is located in Virar East, film song Vasai. Development Methodology and Implementation Plan Abuzar Consultancy employs an iterative software development model in which software capability is enhanced in increments.