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She and Liam begin to date with Naomi's approval but soon break up after Liam almost gets her arrested after being caught on a boat that Liam claimed he was attending to for. Cannon and confronts him, calling him a piece of garbage. We'll still be your friends.

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Adrianna breaks up with Navid after she begins to have feelings for Teddy Montgomery and wants to pursue a relationship with him. Dixon tries to help her re-adjust and get back to her old life. It is revealed that the Collins family wanted to send Adrianna out of the country to give birth, dating with plans to then put the baby up for adoption.

They both realize that they can't get married or keep the baby. It is shown Teddy begins confide and trust Ian. She was the nice girl until around the second season when her character began to progress into being more rebellious and devious. But before his death, it was not clear whether his busy schedule filming Riverdale would allow him to return.

  1. She decides to let him go and gives him his belongings back.
  2. Teddy finds Ian as a role model.
  3. Silver gets a text message from Naomi and decided to rescue her at her own apartment.

After getting angry with her over telling his secrets to who he thinks is just a random girl but is really Naomi's sister. Out of spite, Adrianna tricks Annie into thinking that Ty had been unfaithful, how to describe yourself prompting the couple's break-up. She later tells Kelly that she slept with Ryan. Annie later decides she does not care about Jasper blackmailing her and forgets about it.

Because of her new job, she becomes closer to Ryan Matthews, texting and the two have a sexual experience. Cannon is quick to silence Oscar but Oscar insists Cannon is from Dagenham. Donna Martin Tori Spelling.

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He played a resident is not who is the new year at their dates, darren star. The baby, born premature, was named Hannah, and required time in the hospital after birth. They later reconcile at a Halloween Party and start to be friends. He also encourages Laurel, Ivy's mom, to attend Ivy's wedding to Raj, and Laurel shows up at the wedding later. She receives more shocking news when she finds out Oscar was also sleeping with her mother Laurel, and that it was all a plan to get back at them for ruining his family.

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Through his father's assistance, he eventually purchased and ran his own newspaper, first with Brandon, then with a woman named Janet Sosna. It is then revealed that she has a secret motive and believes that Annie is desperate enough to do it. Later, Naomi and Ivy try to form a friendly relationship of their own which proves difficult when they don't share the same interests at all. She takes her eyes off the road and ends up running someone over and driving away out of fear. It is revealed that Silver shared the information of father's affair with her then-best-friend Naomi.

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She also tells Dixon that she listened and loves the new music he's been working on and encourages him to continue at it. He and his wife decide to get divorced, so he can be with Gail, much to the disappointment of Naomi and is once again spotted having affair with his realtor. David Silver Brian Austin Green. The news shocks Ivy, and becomes an eye opener for her. This article has multiple issues.

Knowing that Silver has the cancer gene heading into the season, her doctor tells her that if she wants to have a baby she has to do it now before it's too late. Silver stops her and comes clean that she is the one Navid was cheating with and that they are in a relationship. Fox ordered six episodes of the reboot in February. Thinking that he killed Vanessa, Liam tries to keep the incident a secret until he begins receiving annymmous letters from an extortionist threatening to reveal his crime.

Annie and Liam start dating. Max Miller, portrayed by Josh Zuckerman as a recurring character in seasons three and four, is Naomi's new lab partner. They begin to date in secret but one night, Annie's cousin Emily sees them kissing and she tells it to Annie before an audition.

She later agrees to a date with him where there is a confrontation between her and Mark. They decide to go to the prom together. Navid later starts working undercover in order to get Amal arrested. However, when she learns that Mr. He is spotted having an affair by Naomi.

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He then keeps Naomi hostage along with Silver too. Dixon and Adrianna decide to produce a song. She eventually reunited with Brandon and moved in with him, nearly marrying him. Some of the glamorous teen television shows, especially when you expect.

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  • He admits his feelings for Ian, by kissing him and wanting to start a relationship.
  • At Adrianna's Hollywood Christmas party, Navid gets fed up with Adrianna's diva attitude and decides to get away from the party to be alone.
  • He was then interested in Naomi, and helped expose Miles Cannon's lies.
  • Liam shares private events in his past with Naomi which she then shares with her sister Jen.
  • Annie says she forgives him too, but they can't be friends because of what has happened in the past.
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Brandon Walsh Jason Priestley. Teddy isn't ready yet, and Ian can't accept that at first. Brenda returns to Beverly Hills to star in a play and takes the opportunity to spend time with Kelly after gaining success as a theater actress and stage director in London. There is, of course, more to Laurel than at first appears. Liam calls Naomi and she hangs up on him, claiming she is sick.

She then explained that the affair had been going on for two years, but only on an occasional basis. He had his demons of course, but don't we all. Diego persuades Ivy to express herself by spray painting graffiti as an outlet for her feelings as he does. Tori Spelling portrays Donna Marie Martin.

90210 characters dating

To Naomi's surprise, Tracy identified the woman as Gail. At a Los Angeles beach, a team of lifeguards led by Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon save lives, deal with personal dramas, fight crime and participate in over the top adventures on a daily basis. Jealous, Naomi uses this in favor to get back at her by kissing Annie's ex-boyfriend from Kansas at Annie's sixteenth birthday party. The bottle is intercepted by Oscar, who has an ability to identify an English accent to a certain area of the island.

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With that said, Liam reconciles with Charlie. Dixon develops some feelings for Ivy but she wants to break up as she thinks she still has a chance with Liam. Learn more More Like This. Joey and Jim Walsh decide that the Peach Pit should be sold due to Nat's condition, but Brandon protests, speed dating stratford ontario knowing it would kill him.

When Silver's mother dies, he realizes that he misses her and wants to get back together with her, but she has feelings for Teddy. Nat also escorted Donna Martin down the aisle at her wedding to David Silver in the series finale. But when she thought of Dixon moving away, she said she couldn't breathe and she can't live without him. Jasper is not happy and confronts Navid who doesn't take back his story. It was later revealed that Gina had found new professional success after leaving L.

View this post on Instagram. Upon realizing that Charles's interest in Gail was greater than she'd thought, Tracy begins to have a change of heart regarding the matter. This seems to bring Navid and Adrianna closer again. The viewer find outs that Jen is a student at Yale University and studies art history in Paris and lived in Nice for a while. She is very sensitive and hates being underestimated.

Characters from the original series

Tata would be returning in recurring roles as their original characters. The following is a list of characters that are, or at one time were, a recurring guest over the three seasons of the series. Both were just comic relief minor characters and not part of the main group. She was dating Griffin at the time but quickly fell for Ray's charm and talent and dumped Griffin for Ray on Halloween. We will be updating this post with new information and news about the upcoming series when we learn about them.

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She is based in part on Brenda Walsh from the original series. He has a brother who is autistic. When Adrianna becomes more successful she starts playing the boss over Victor.

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